【 LIVE】ボイラールーム9周年イベントがリアルタイム配信中



There are a few names which are synonymous with Berlin techno, and one of which is the29nov. The collective is perhaps best know for creating some of the best and most exemplar videos to some of the best underground techno tracks.

But it is more than that, as the facebook group of the same title features one of the biggest discussions and vehicles to share new and old music of the genre. They’ve also gained notoriety through their Berlin parties and will hold a 29 hour one with Staub at ://about.blank this weekend.

To celebrate 9 years of doing what they do best, we’ve invited them to curate an evening. The result will be a ground shaking event with guests Ancient Methods, Sunil Sharpe and Alienata, as well founders Kevin Paschold and Sebastian Kökow.