Barnaby Bennett が選ぶ2015年ベストアルバム10枚


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12月18日 Barnaby Bennett

今日はカナダを拠点とするエクスペリメンタルなサイケデリックフォークSSW、Barnaby Bennettが登場。以前我々の記事でも紹介したD/P/Iとのコラボも行っている彼だが、今回は様々なジャンルの価値観を横断するようなセレクトを見せてくれた。

Xie Yugang/Yang Haisong『White Shirt』(storecords)

White Shirt





Seaver & Witscher『“Country Music”』(Salon)

“Country Music”


Hush Pup『Hisyo’s Jungle』(Reel Cod Records)

Hisyo’s Jungle


Jessy Lanza『You Never Show Your Love Teklife Mix』(Hyperdub)

You Never Show Your Love Teklife Mix


Deejay Earl『Dark Summer ++ Inevitable Shift』(Teklife)

Dark Summer ++ Inevitable Shift


Birdstriking『S/T』(‘A’ Records)

S:T (‘A’ Records)


Chui Wan『S/T』(Maybe Mars)

S:T (Maybe Mars)


Matthewdavid『“Even The Sun Goes Down” OUTKAST MIX』(Leaving Records)

“Even The Sun Goes Down” OUTKAST MIX


S. Araw “Trio” XI『Gazebo Effect”』(Sun Ark)

Gazebo Effect


D/P/I『Don’t Take Her For Granted』(Zona Music)

Don't Take Her For Granted



次回はクラシックと電子音楽のクロスポイント、1stアルバム『Boupuet(PROGRESSIVE FOrM)』が話題のSoejima Takumaがセレクトしてくれる。楽しみにしていて欲しい。


■ Barnaby Bennett

Barnaby Bennett is an multidisciplinary artist currently based in Calgary, Canada.
His musical work explores psychedelic folk and pop song forms, traditional country music and experimental/ambient sound art – all within a contemporary context.
A multitude of releases in a wide array of styles have been released by Barnaby in the past few years, with no less than five future projects scheduled for release in the near future.
His album ‘Shadows and Reflections: An Anthology’ was released in November 2012 through Umor Rex in Mexico City (distributed by Thrill Jockey in North America and Morr Music in Europe).
Other notable projects involve collaborations with M. Geddes Gengras, R. Stevie Moore, Amos Garrett, Charlie McCoy, Wayne Moss and members of the Carter family – as well as collaborative live performances with D/P/I, Damo Suzuki, Julia Holter and Astral Swans.

■ new projects

Oblique Quantumization is a collaborative webpage installation with LA synthesizer artist M Geddes Gengras
I also have a new project called SH-2000, myself & Patrick Whitten both use original 1973 Roland SH-2000 synthesizers (no computer!) to create ambient/experimental music:

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Curry Robo

Curry Robo

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